The Beginning of McKenzie Construction

     McKenzie began through the birth of McKenzie Construction in 2005. Gavin McKenzie, our founder, had recently graduated from the University of Florida and was back home in his native Miami, close to his beloved Everglades, working with Lennar Homes, fishing when he could, and continuing to refine his knowledge of the building process. He went out on his own to try his luck as an independent real estate investor, exploring the investor-builder role, putting together a team that was able to build-out the properties he bought. After Hurricane Wilma barreled through South Florida and more directly the Florida Keys, he decided to focus purely on the builder role, and his team became McKenzie Construction, a self-performing general contractor with an owner that swung hammers by day and built project schedules and budgets at night.

   During the first few years of McKenzie Construction, the company predominantly took on residential gut rehab projects in Key West and South Florida. A few commercial tenant improvement projects became part of the portfolio in 2008 and 2009, and these helped broaden the team’s horizons. In 2009 the company offices moved from Gavin’s home in South Miami to Miami Beach. Through this new location, McKenzie Construction began increasing its presence in Miami Beach, taking on more residential and commercial work in Miami’s hottest real estate market. In 2010 and 2011 the company’s operations, revenues, and  team grew at a steady clip, and the company continued solidifying its core purpose and brand identity.

McKenzie Craft is Born

     2012 was the year that McKenzie became more than McKenzie Construction. Construction moved its offices to the Miami Ironside warehouses in the Upper Eastside/ Little River neighborhood, and this space had a special place in the company’s development because its raw loft aesthetic matched the company’s growing identity as a design-focused GC. At the same time, we had rented a warehouse in nearby Little Haiti and began storing construction materials there while also fabricating more and more of our own finely crafted millwork pieces. Thus was born McKenzie Craft, which was incorporated in 2013 as a sister company to Construction.

McKenzie 3.0: 2247 Offices and Workshop    

      After a series of strong growth years during which the McKenzie companies’ tripled both revenue and staff size, Gavin led his team in a search for a space that could house both companies together. The McKenzie 2247 warehouse, located in the mixed industrial-residential Allapattah neighborhood, is a unique 25,000 SF office and workshop that the McKenzie team knew would serve them well as their long-term home. The team revived the old 1938 warehouse, and now both companies operate together as one unified McKenzie team.

Our Vision

The McKenzie companies were created with the vision that a company can be profitable and uphold these four important client-focused values:


 Provide high quality construction and craft fabrication services
 The appreciation for design unites all McKenzie staff and clients, and our companies exist first and foremost to strive to create some of the best designs and built products in South Florida and beyond.


 Respect the value and intent of our client’s designs
 As client's bring us their design dreams, it is our vision that we can be the best team to help preserve and execute this design.


 Provide exceptional quality customer service
 Within South Florida's building and craft industry, we aim to ensure that our clients know that they will be treated with respect by our staff, that we will always make their project a priority, and that they have become a part of the McKenzie companies family.


 Introduce sustainable building practices whenever possible
Our knowledge of materials and building technologies is extensive, and we enjoy helping clients find multiple avenues through which their Craft or Construction project can be sustainable.


Our companies strive to also have equally important inward focused values:

  • Creating a positive work experience for McKenzie employees
  • Investing back into South Florida’s communities
  • Incorporating a focus on sustainability into our work and company culture