McKenzie is a boutique design, build and custom fabrication firm providing high-quality services to South Florida commercial and residential clients.

Our work embodies our passion for creating beautiful products and spaces that improve the quality of life for those who utilize and inhabit them. We provide transparency and encourage client collaboration throughout all of our projects.

The Beginning of McKENZIE

McKENZIE Construction was born out of the 2005 storm season.

Founder Gavin McKenzie is a native Miamian, the rare 5th generation type. After graduating from the University of Florida he moved back home to South Florida and soon after started McKenzie Construction in 2005, a boutique General Contracting Company. The company experienced steady growth, and in 2013  the company  relocated to offices into the Little River neighborhood. That same year, McKenzie Craft was started in a 5,000 foot industrial warehouse in the same neighborhood. Craft and Construction boomed from 2013 – 2015, partnering together on many projects.

In 2015, McKenzie added an official design and architecture department. This department has grown rapidly and has enabled McKenzie to differentiate itself as a true design+builder in South Florida.

In 2015, both divisions, Craft and Construction, moved into a 1938 warehouse in the Allapattah neighborhood. The two divisions worked together to design, build and craft the space into our 25,000 SF workshop, showroom, and office headquarters.  All departments now work under the unified brand name McKenzie.

Our Vision

McKenzie was created with the vision that a company can be profitable while doing both what’s right for other people, and the planet. The following summarize the company’s vision:


To be an industry leader in innovative, high quality design, construction, and craft fabrication services.


Provide supreme quality customer service:  We aim to ensure that our clients know that they will be treated with respect by our staff, that we will always make their project a priority, and that they have become a part of the McKenzie family.

Take Care of our people: We believe that our team is the most important element in our business. We know that if we treat our team well, we will have the ability to deliver a superior experience for our clients.


Always introduce sustainable building practices whenever possible: Our knowledge of materials and building technologies is extensive, and we enjoy helping clients find multiple avenues through which their Craft or Construction project can be sustainable and eco friendly.


McKENZIE respects our collective responsibility as stewards of our planet. Focal to this, we value the sustainability of a space. Wherever we can, we employ reclaimed materials and natural, eco-friendly products in our projects. With a team of LEED-certified individuals, McKENZIE places emphasis on providing a purposefully designed and developed spaces that are energy efficient, and have less impact on our natural resources.

In working with us, our clients have the opportunity to seek more sustainable materials and building practices. We're skilled in exploring less toxic materials, opting for low and NO VOC materials and finishes.

Outside of our client-work, we focus our attention on creating an environmentally conscious office space where we encourage team-members to recycle, compost, and help care for our rooftop garden.