Jonathan MendelsonPainter

With almost a decade of cultivating his skills in fine arts, Jonathan joined McKenzie Craft in the summer of 2014. He exercises his dynamic creativity and passion for community relationships throughout his time with Craft. His evolving role allows him to look at big picture goals like project logistics while still getting hands on with the diverse projects constantly happening in the shop.

Jonathan was born in Denver, which is where he moved back to after receiving his BFA at Florida International University in 2008.  During his time there he excelled as an artist. His most memorable experience was being an active member for a non-profit collective, Denver Arts Society, where he was an educator, street artist, sculptor, set installer and live visual arts performer.

He returned to Miami in 2012 to continue his artistic drive. You may have seen some of Jonathans work around the colorful walls in Miami’s Design district or at Art Basel Miami. Additionally, Jonathan is now a proud father to a baby boy and couldn’t be happier!