Kris HenningLead Installer

Kris Henning is an Industrial Designer, researcher and heavy coffee drinker.  He was born in American Samoa and raised in Samoa, Germany and New Zealand. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Industrial Design from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.  His academic research work has led to several published papers in the field of digital design technologies exploring stereoscopic projection, 3D scanning and CNC machining. 

Since moving to the US in 2011 he’s worked as a Carpenter and Production manager for one of Miami’s first prefabricated housing companies. His personal work investigates organic form, patterns and math functions in the development of design ideas for 3D printing and digital fabrication. Now at McKenzie he seeks to bring his knowledge of both digital and traditional fabrication techniques to life, and his experience as both a designer and a carpenter compliments well the daily situations that call for creative problem solving.