Angela Holiday-SquireProject Manager

Where are you from: Minneapolis, Minnesota

What year did you begin working at McKenzie: 2017

What is your favorite tool: My favorite tool is AutoCad. It helps me visualize concepts, troubleshoot and plan my projects from the big picture down to the intricate details. It captures design with balance and space planning yet can be used to build product and plan materials and cutlists for project planning.

My favorite architect or designer is: I would have to say Frank Lloyd Wright. He is part of my upbringing in the Midwest and gives me a comforting feeling. Always keeping nature as the driving force of his designs along with simplicity.

If you could pick one theme for McKenzie to turn into a book about the company, what would it be: A book with the theme of "Around the World" with McKenzie. It would highlight the influences of our countries, cultures, traditions and travels of the great people who make up our team and the influences that make up our projects.