Gavin McKenzieOwner & CEO

Gavin McKenzie, a native South Floridian, founded McKenzie Construction in 2005 with the aim of building a boutique construction firm that would offer design-focused attention to all project details with an emphasis on sustainable construction practices. In 2013 Gavin established McKenzie Craft, a sister company of Construction that is one of South Florida’s leading design build craftwork contractors, focused on the design and development of wood, metal and concrete furniture and interior finishes.

As Owner and CEO, Gavin oversees a team of managers that uphold his attention to finish details and customer service in every project. Over the years, he has led McKenzie Construction and McKenzie Craft in focusing on the delivery of a high-end quality product to both residential and commercial markets. The McKenzie companies have become a comprehensive solution for clients by offering a suite of services including design and construction consulting in addition to high-end construction and craftwork services.

Gavin is a graduate of the University of Florida, an avid flats fisherman, passionate about the Everglades, and a deep lover of nature.