Pearl Salon
Park Tower, 400 N Tampa St #100, Tampa, FL

Located in the heart of downtown Tampa, Pearl Salon is a hair and nail salon that offers patrons refuge from the harsh city elements. Washed in warm lighting, the space combines natural and futuristic accents to create an "an oasis of calm, relaxation, and beauty". 

McKENZIE Craft worked with fellow Miami-based firm, Cogul Architecture, to bring lead designer Alexis Cogul's vision to light. McKenzie helped design, engineer and manufacture a series of key furniture and installation pieces that help define the space, including the store's focal point, a light-filled wall that holds colorful bottles of nail polish front and center to the shop's entrance. Other elements worked on included extra large illuminated wooden block letters spelling out the store name, visible from the street, twisted rope guiding the eye across the ceiling to create the feeling of a limitless room, and wood-detailing that highlights the symmetry throughout the space.