Miami Ad School
2801 NW 6th Avenue Miami, Florida 33127

The famed Miami Ad School launched its new, main campus in Wynwood in conjunction with McKenzie Construction and Miami architect Alan Shulman's eponymous firm Shulman + Associates. The school purchased the property at the intersection of NW 6th Avenue and NW 28th Street in 2013; McKenzie Craft, in conjunction with McKenzie Construction, was tapped to execute the project to completion. McKenzie Craft assembled large stretching wooden counter-tops and desktops, school desk-style tables, and most of the fine, quirky detailed finished found throughout. 

Like most Wynwood buildings, the campus consists of an assemblage of former warehouse spaces, refurbished and revitalized by some of the most unique architectural and artistic interventions in the neighborhood. McKenzie Construction and Shulman Associates collaborated with a dozen internationally-famous street artists, including Kislow, NYCHOS, and Seth the Globepainter, to canvas the bright magenta walls with their best work.