Dawntown Miami/Miami Art Museum
101 West Flagler Street Miami, FL 33130


Over 110 teams submitted portfolios from around the world to compete in the creation of a low cost, temporary installation on the “Evolution of Miami.” Sixteen teams were chosen as finalists, each presenting their own proposals on the topic, with the international collaboration between Jacob Brillhart and Manuel Clavel-Rojo selected as the winning entry.

In part digitally fabricated – and built with the assistance of McKenzie Construction – this kinetic art installation presents an interactive story of Miami’s rise. McKenzie Construction partnered up with the design to team to create this unique installation. Through trial and error, Jacob Brillhart and McKenzie Construction were able to complete the installation as it was first envisioned.

The project is both machine and metaphor for the City, illustrating the complexity of Downtown and its rapid growth spurts over time. The structure is a 10’ x 10’ x 10’ aluminum box with a mirrored ceiling and base, illuminated with blue and pink neon lights that represent the water’s edge and the street grid of Downtown. Within the frame are 35 important buildings of Miami’s past and present, which are suspended above the neon by a vast network of more than 4,000 linear feet of rope and wire; 235 weights and counterweights; and 395 pulleys. Participants can interact with the installation by pulling a series of handles that extrude the buildings, creating a pop-up effect of high rises within Miami’s downtown.

For more information on Dawntown, please visit dawntown.org