Jugo Fresh South Beach
1935 West Ave #102 Miami Beach, FL 33139

Jugo Fresh has opened its much anticipated debut location to rave reviews. The company uses a cold pressing method that results in a product that has five times as many nutrients as regular juice. Its tasty concoctions have already accrued a devoted following. Located in the bourgeoning area of West and Purdy Avenues, Jugo Fresh contracted McKenzie Construction to build a bespoke retail venue with materials and aesthetic true to its dedication to organic, healthy and raw nutrition. The location was built to house both pressing and retail areas and the design incorporated organic materials including reclaimed wood from Montana Snow Fencing, and design forward details such as metallic wallpaper and Custom reclaimed shelving. McKenzie Construction worked closely with architect Robert Gallagher and Chroma Design, which allowed for flexibility in creating a seamless production and retail environment with a natural/minimalist aesthetic.
“I was almost lost for words with the McKenzie crew putting in late hours to get the job done on time. Passion and pride are so evident with the team. Much appreciated.”
Matthew Sherman, Owner of Jugo Fresh