Vitality Health and Wellness
801 Fourth Street Miami Beach FL 33139

Located at 801 4th Street Miami Beach, Vitality Health & Wellness provides comprehensive health options, which include both mainstream and alternative interventions. VH&W specializes in consultative care for general medical issues, neuropsychiatric symptoms, anti-aging medicine and biomedical intervention in the treatment of Autism, ADHD and other developmental disorders. Offering the security of a Western-trained physician (Dr. Andrew Levinson) in a nurturing environment, VH&W is able to provide more natural interventions and therapies with the lowest side-effect profile.
McKenzie Construction worked closely with architect Tony Leon of 3Design and owner Dr. Andrew Levinson to renovate the historic “south of fifth” building. All parties were active in finding sustainable solutions and leaving as little negative impact on the environment as possible throughout the project. This effort culminated in 13KW of photovoltaic panels on the roof, reclaimed Dade County Pine walls paneling furniture and shelving throughout, and a commitment to non-toxic paints, flooring, and adhesives for the duration of the project.