JugoFresh HQ
350 NE 60th St. Miami, FL 33137

In 2012, JugoFresh took up headquarters in a re-purposed warehouse, nestled into a narrow road between Little Haiti and MiMo. In 2014, McKenzie Construction minted the newly renovated interior according the design by Shulman & Associates. An outwardly austere white building opens into an ambient entry vestibule, where a custom-fabricated reception desk is topped by a 3form counter and clad with flame-scorched wood planks, fabricated by McKenzie Craft according to the Japanese yakisugi tradition. A backlit metal cast of the JugoFresh logo hints at the spotless, cutting-edge production facitility just beyond the glass. A lush wallpaper forest floats above a range of custom stainless-steel walls, counters, and instruments—all dedicated to bringing cold-pressed juice to the table.